Step back in time and imagine what it was like to be a mariner or pirate back in the day.

Charlestown, near St Austell, is used regularly as a film location for the Poldark team.

Charlestown is on the outskirts of St Austell on the South Coast of Cornwall, an unspoilt, original Grade II Listed Harbour, recently used as a key location for the filming of the BBC’s remake of the hit series Poldark, starring Aiden Turner as the Cornish hero of the show, Ross Poldark.

It has also been used for Dr Who, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, and many other films and TV programmes.

The harbour is the home port for a famous collection of old ships which are employed in film projects all over the world – they have brought work and life to the quays and harbour buildings and are a particular draw for visitors.

There are plenty of bars, restaurants and gift shops to be enjoyed whilst taking in the breathtaking views out over St Austell Bay.

Magical. Like a step back in time.

Definitely worth a visit especially if you are a Poldark or Aidan Turner fan.

Any excuse!!!

We hope you enjoy yourself in Charlestown.